The expected results from the LIFE-ECOTEX Project are

  • To demonstrate the circular economy concept by avoiding the landfilling of 750 kg of textile wastes from footwear industry and recycling them chemically by means of catalytic glycolysis.
  • To manufacture 800 kg of new textile products based on polyester fibres with textile grade which have been recycled chemically:
    • ECOTEX non-woven felts
    • ECOTEX non-woven insoles from 650 to 800 g/m2
    • ECOTEX non-woven isolation panels with 1.500 g/m2 and 60 mm of thickness
  • To reduce the GHG emissions, estimated around 1.47 t CO2 eq /t PET produced.
  • Proposal and/or recommendations for environmental policies authorities regarding the use of chemically recycled polyester in the textile manufacturing.
  • Replicability and transferability study for the developed chemical recycling process.
  • Dissemination activities such as workshops, newsletters, scientific articles, etc.


Non-woven Polyester Shoe Insoles Non-woven polyester insulator
Non-woven polyester shoe insoles Non-woven polyester insulator